There’s nothing better than spending quality time with the kids, particularly when it involves getting outside in the fresh air and off the computer.

The beach is the perfect place to encourage kids to move around and get involved in activities they may not normally do. It’s also a great opportunity to create long lasting memories of all the good times spent at the beach together.

Keep reading to discover our favourite beach activities that the whole family is sure to love.



From the schoolyard to the beach, who doesn’t love hoping about on one foot, testing out their balance and concentration skills?

To play hopscotch at the beach, find a damp patch of sand and use a stick or a rock to draw a grid. Let the kids find some shells to use as the markers.

Start by tossing the shell into the first square on the grid, hop over square one and continue onto square eight, coming back and picking up the shell again from square one. Kids of all ages love the challenge of hoping and jumping about.



Young children are especially fond of making sandcastles; it’s one of those activities that we all love to do, even us adults too. It’s basically a summer rite-of-passage.

Making sandcastles can be done with your hands but is easier with a bucket and spade. Having a few different size/shaped buckets means the kids can get really creative.

Decorating a sand castle can be just as fun as building it so encourage your kids to find some shells, sticks, leaves or any other available beach material to turn their sandcastle into a masterpiece.



The quintessential Australian game of beach cricket is not only a great way to keep your kids entertained, it's also a great way to keep other parents’ kids entertained too. The more the merrier in a game of beach cricket so encourage your kids to invite others to join in the fun.

All you need to play is a tennis ball, a bat and a set of stumps. You can make the stumps by finding three sticks that are all a similar height. Place a t-shirt, shoe or anything else to define the stumps at the opposite end of the crease where the other batter awaits.

Hitting into the water can either be out, or an exciting part of the game where spectacular catches are made.